Adsense – Is it worth it?

There’s a lot of talk about Adsense not delivering the profits that used to be abundant for excellent, well-followed bloggers.  Apparently the average CPC keeps decreasing, and thus decreasing the profits for these site owners.

ppc consultant - adsense

On another note, some users are classifying these on site ads as spam.  They are tired of remarketing ads following them and find it an invasion of privacy and a distraction when on other sites surfing the net.

I’ve decided to enter into the game and conduct my own experiment with Adsense.  I’m curious to see what I learn and which side of the debate I will end up following.  I need to see the facts (read: data) from my site before giving my professional opinion.

So, with the launch of Adsense last month, we have already seen two milestones.  1. We have had over 1000 ad impressions viewed from our site.  And, 2. We have had earned a grand total of $3.98 over our first 30 day period (although the traffic on our site is extremely low at this point).

I’m curious to see where this leads.  Obviously, you cannot make a living on Adsense alone — Unless the traffic is very high.

What are your grand “pie in the sky” experiences with Adsense?