Kristine Mills is a shining new addition to Shanee Kirk Marketing. She is very methodical and analytical which makes her perfect for PPC management.  Her outgoing and bubbly personality make her an instant favorite with clients (and fun in meetings too).  She holds a very diverse background in Marketing from the University of Texas; with her employment ranging from the “once upon a time” Fortune 500 Company, ENRON, to currently marketing herself at local fitness clubs. When her Enron career ended in 2007, yes she worked post-bankruptcy, she switched gears and became a Domestic Engineer. In 2008, while maintaining her most coveted position as Domestic Engineer, Kristine took on an exciting new challenge of becoming a Certified Tae Bo Instructor. As a Tae Bo Instructor she landed roles in Billy Blanks video series as well as a small part in one of his infomercials. She continues her education in fitness by holding certifications and/or certification camps for group fitness, Balletone, personal training, Tae Bo Elite and many more.  Using her Business and Marketing Degree, Kristine is now adding the Adwords Certification to her long and boring list of accomplishments (we are actually very proud of Kristine).  This new chapter of her life has been so fun and exciting that she feels like every day she is surrounded by rainbows and butterflies.