Quick and Easy – These are my 3 tips to make a landing page successful for PPC marketing.

Here is what Google says about quality Adwords landing pages.

We all know that a quality landing page is an important factor in Adwords marketing (and the quality score). Here is my summary of the most important parts!

1. Tell them what to Do. Put a call to action near the top. Make it an H1 tag. Make it clear. Make it LOUD.

2. Tell them all about it. Make the content scannable. Think “Power Point presentation.” PPC visitors make a decision on whether they are going to stay on your page or not fast. Give concise headlines and bullets. Make your offer clear. Use your Adwords keywords.

3. Let them buy now! On-Page Form – Have an on page form on your site, above the fold. Make it prominent and obvious. I have seen this simple step increase conversions 4x’s over on multiple occasions.

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