Google All-Stars Summit

We have just had the most energizing experience at the Google All-Stars Summit.  Each of the speakers had such awesome insights:

ppc consulting all star summit*We learned about moving past ROI as a KPI and look more toward maximizing profits.  It’s not the same thing, by the way…  Very interesting twist on profitability.
*We learned about creating personas for users in analytics.
*We learned more about YouTube ads and how to maximize the exposure. View-Through Conversions People!

*We learned about some awesome research tools under Think w Google that we are excited to take back and play with!
*We met smart and wonderful agency owners from across the US and tons of Canadians, Ay?

PLUS — I was offered the most exciting opportunity to be a speaker for an agency panel to discuss challenges of operating an agency, finding new clients and other client challenges.  Our panel had some super smart speakers on it, and I was so proud, humbled and honored to be part of this elite group!!  It was a BLAST! +Eric Gehler +Robert Coats +Michael Johnston +Klint Rudolph +Jennifer Qiao ppc consulting all star summit

Google pics below.  It’s such a unique workplace — Like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  Imagine an elaborate college campus full of quirky history, traditions, and stories.  Pure Awesome-ness!


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