$100 Advertising Credit for New Accounts:

Our number one goal as a PPC consultant, is to quickly show our clients how to get the best Google Adwords conversions.  Conversions can be either classified as a lead, phone call, or sale for your business.

Adwords Management Promotion

As a Google AdWords Premier Partner, Google was kind enough to supply us with Promotional Credits to pass on to new clients. If you are interested in trying Pay Per Click (PPC) for your online advertising solution risk-FREE, please contact us today.

We able to offer new clients a one-time promotional credit of $100 to their new AdWords accounts. This is a great way to ease your way into PPC risk-free, and see how it works for you.

Test the effectiveness of a PPC agency and get results fast. We will write your pay per click ad copy, research your keywords, and manage your pay per click bids as a part of our turnkey ppc campaign management.

Try Google and experience our PPC Management Services today.

Disclaimer: Our pay per click rates for program management will still apply. Offer is good only for customers with new Google AdWords accounts (must be less than 2 weeks old, per Google).