PPC Platforms: While, as SEM consulting experts, we will admittedly say that we prefer Pay Per Click for AdWords, we also manage campaigns with Bing/Yahoo! and Facebook. Many of our PPC clients choose to put the majority of their budgets with Google, and split the remainder either with Bing/Yahoo! or Facebook.  After all, Google still owns over 60 percent of the search market!

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Automated PPC Bid Management: We are happy to proclaim that we have mastered the ability to manage complex campaigns by hand. Although this is still our preferred method for PPC account management, we are also well-versed in automated PPC bid management software, such as DART and Omniture’s Search Center, as well as all of the Adwords interface options: auto-bidding, conversion optimization, and flexible bidding options.

Placement Ads: Some PPC management companies stay within their comfort zone, working primarily with search-based keyword ads. Some of these PPC agencies may even expand to utilizing Google’s Content Network to gain more exposure. Our PPC strategies extend beyond this to offer placement or site-targeted advertising. This is more in line with traditional online banner ads; you choose the high traffic sites of interest, and we will place your ads on those sites, regardless of content relevance. This is a great way to reach out to a specific demographic or target audience.

Image Ads: Need more credibility and visibility to your PPC search campaign? This pay per click firm loves image ads. Adding image ads (banner ads) to each of your ad groups will offer you more exposure, and a higher quality online appearance. Better yet – These ads are sometimes a fraction of the cost of the PPC “Search Engine” keyword ads. These ads can be placed on the Content Network or through Placement Campaigns.

Talk to a PPC Specialist today and learn how to get the most out of your budget dollars! We will develop a PPC solution to meet your needs!