PPC Management Fees Always Include Ad Extensions!

Evaluating your campaign for appropriate Adwords Ad Extensions is another element that is included with your PPC management fees.  Since Google has recently changed its ad rank algorithm, Ad Extensions have become increasingly important.  Ad extensions have been shown to increase your click through rate (CTR) by as much as 10%.  Ad extensions have also been shown to increase your quality score (QS), which will in turn lower the price you pay per click (CPC).

ppc management fees
Ad extensions increase your ad visibility and can help you achieve an improved ROI.  Ad extensions can be shown on BOTH the search and display networks (which is often misunderstood).  Ad extensions are shown across all devices (desktop, tablet and mobile).

It’s important to note that there are some ad extensions that we can control, and others which we do not have full control over (passive ad extensions).

Passive Ad Extensions include:

*Social Extensions – Linking to your Google+ page

*Seller Rating Annotations – Shows the “seller reviews” with stars.  30 reviews needed before this extension will show.

*Consumer Ratings

*Dynamic Sitelink Extensions – Auto-generated Adwords Sitelinks

*Previous Visit Indicator

Active Ad Extensions are where we concentrate our focus.  These include:

*Manual Sitelinks – Aid in adding additional messaging and linking to inner pages

*Call Extensions – Add a click to call feature for mobile ads

*Location Extensions – Show nearby users where you are located

*Mobile App Extensions – Link to your Mobile App

*Review Extensions – Link to a reputable PR article and quote a reference

*Callout Extensions – The latest and greatest for adding brag points to your ad

Read Google’s Article on the importance of enhancing your ads with Ad Extensions.