Paid Search Consultant – Testimonials

As a paid search consultant, it is important that we deliver measurable results to the small business clients we manage.  We know that these clients often have limited budgets, and sometimes limited knowledge of the inner-workings of PPC.  Some of these clients may have never worked with a paid search consultant in the past, or have, but had a very poor experience.  We work hard to build lasting relationships with our clients through being detail-oriented and keeping open communication throughout the process.

ppc client reviews

Below are some kind words that have been left for us by some of our clients.

“What makes Shanee stand out to me is her patience and willingness to teach about complicated topics. She wants her clients to understand what she does. Once you understand it, you see how valuable her services are. Other SEO people I’ve hired have kept this info secret. My sales and traffic continue to increase since hiring Shanee. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to enhance their business and better understand the world of online marketing.”

Bobbi Jo Forte, Co-Founder
Pet Commerce Direct, LLC


“We hired Shanee to tune our pay per click (PPC) campaigns, little did I realize I was also going to get educated on pay per click strategies along the way. She has taken the mystery out of PPC, and is a great asset to our marketing strategy. I would recommend Shanee for anyone that is looking for a fast start with immediate results.”

Tracy Williams, Marketing Manager